This Solar Home System is a small-size, autonomously powered system supplying the clean energy for households who are lack of grid or don’t have reliable energy to access. It converts sunlight into electricity and stores the power in battery bank for nighttime or cloudy days’ usage. This Solar Home System also could provide DC power for various electrical appliances charging, such as lights, mobiles, small televisions, radios, fans and etc. By replacing the usage of fossil fuel such as kerosene, candles and dry batteries, This Solar Home System has significant ability to reduce indoor air pollution and non-renewable energy expenditures. 

10/20Wp system available, all-in-one box
Brightness adjustable high efficient LED Lamp
Standard USB for electronic device charging
Smart indicators for system status monitoring
Low self-consumption for long standby time

 TECHNICAL DATA          SHS 10H         SHS 20H        SHS 30H        SHS 40H        SHS 50H
 System Voltage            11.1VDC            12VDC           12VDC          12VDC          12VDC 
 PV Module              10Wp            20Wp           30Wp          40Wp           50Wp 
 Module dimension(mm)       575.362.35         705.442.35        705.442.35        705.619.35         705.619.35
 Net Weight(kg)           1.4kg             1.9kg           2.4kg           2.9kg           3.4kg     
 Battery Capacity (Li-ion)      8.8Ah             17.6Ah          26.4Ah           35.2Ah          44Ah
 Radio                no              no            yes            yes            yes 

 Load               SHS 10H            SHS 20H         SHS 30H          SHS 40H        SHS 50H
 3W Lamp only            28h                55h           83h            111h           138h
 1*5W phone only           17h               33h           50h             66h           83h
 2*5W phone (total for 10W)      8h               17h            25h            33h           42h
 The operation time shows in table above is etimated when battery is fuly charged.  The actual data may have deviationfor reference only.

1. Solar module
2. Standard USB socket
3. Button
4. Speaker
5. Charging indicator LED
6. Battery capacity display LED
7. Lighting bulb
○ Home
○ Camping
○ Emergency
○ Traveling
○ Boating
○ Fishing
○ RV
○ Smartphone
○ Mp3
There is a 1-year-limited warranty for the whole system. The warranty effective date shall be defined as the purchase date or forty (40) days after the delivery by DNE whichever date is earlier.
The limited warranty do not cover any normal wear and tear or misuse issues. Any damage through abuse alteration improper installation or application as well as unauthorized service modification storage and transportation is not covered. Problems resulting from any power failure surges natural disaster or other events outside of divine-energy’s control are not covered as well.

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