Going solar is easy with our team of professionals. We take care of everything from scheduling to submitting permits, to working with the city, and installing panels to your roof. Here's what you can expect

  • Site AssessmentA technician will visit you in your home to confirm your system design, verify measurements, and adjust for shade and obstructions on your roof.
  • Design ApprovalFollowing site evaluation, our solar design experts will make any necessary adjustments and email you for final approval.
  • PermittingOnce you give the green light we’ll submit your design to the city for permitting. The timing now depends on how quickly local government works and can take up to eight weeks.
  • InstallationNow that your permitting is approved and paperwork has been signed, our team will get to work on your solar installation.
  • City/County InspectionsWhen construction is finished, the city or county will do a final inspection before your system can be connected to the grid.
  • System ActivationReview the instructions and start generating solar power at your home.

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Frequently asked questions about solar installations:

What is the lifespan of a solar panel?

A solar panel typically lasts approximately 30 years. During that time, most systems require little to no maintenance bey› more

Will solar panels produce energy when it’s snowy?

Automatically, you may think that if snow covers the panels, you wont generate energy. The snows life cycle on a solar pa› more

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