Solar Roof System
With various level of governments‘ financial support for solar PV system installation and feed-in-tariff for purchasing solar power fed into the grid, solar power system investment has become a risk-free financial product with a very attractive rate of return. The components of a standard system includes PV modules, mounting systems, inverters, combiner boxes, cables and other electrical accessories. Divine New Energy provides not only standard solar system products, but also customized solar system from 1.5kW to 40kW. All-in-one package for standard system solution is also available for installers, distributors and end-users.

One-stop service
Customized system design
Whole set solution for installers
All-in-one package
PV power System range from 1.5kW to 40kW

○  System Model: SRS-1.5
○  System size: 1.5KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 10m2
○  Daily power generation: 6KWh

○  System Model: SRS-3
○  System size: 3KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 20m2
○  Daily power generation: 12KWh

○  System Model: SRS-4
○  System size: 4KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 27m2
○  Daily power generation: 16KWh

○  System Model: SRS-5
○  System size: 5KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 34m2
○  Daily power generation: 20KWh

○  System Model: SRS-10
○  System size: 10KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 68m2
○  Daily power generation: 40KWh

○  System Model: SRS-20
○  System size: 20KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 136m2
○  Daily power generation: 80KWh

○  System Model: SRS-40
○  System size: 40KW
○  Minimum rooftop area: 272m2
○  Daily power generation: 160KWh

1. Solar Module
2. Mounting System
3. DC/AC Combiner box
4. Grid-tired Inverter

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There is a 1-year-limited warranty for the whole system. The warranty effective date shall be defined as the purchase date or forty (40) days after the delivery by DNE whichever date is earlier.
The limited warranty do not cover any normal wear and tear or misuse issues. Any damage through abuse alteration improper installation or application as well as unauthorized service modification storage and transportation is not covered. Problems resulting from any power failure surges natural disaster or other events outside of divine-energy’s control are not covered as well.

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