Top Quality Off-grid Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave 12V 2000W Solar Inverter

  • Auto switch 4 FUN: DC to AC AC bypass AC charger and UPS
  • Work with various batteries including lithium battery
  • Dry contact: Auto Gen Start Function
  • Ultra Low idle consumption
  • Adjustable dual frequencies 50/60hz and charge rate
  • Network via RS232 Communicate Protocol (optional)
  • DIP Switche: Output frequency AC output range charge current DC/AC priority

Q1: What's the difference between pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter?

A1: Pure sine wave output is the same as the AC government power output. Even better. Low repaired rate long lifespan Without harmonic pollution  enviromental-friendly and appliances protected.

Modified sine wave output has a negative impact on appliances and can't load inductive load such as air contition refrigerator and etc.

Q2: What kind of output you can do?

A2: Normally we produce inverter with 110v/ 50Hz 120V/ 60Hz 220v/ 50Hz 230v/ 50Hz 240V/50Hz.

If you have special requirements pls tell us for engineer consulting.

Q3: What appliances your inverters can load?

A3: Our inverter can load household appliances other inductive load such as refrigerator air condition water pump etc.

Q4: What is the warranty for your products?

A4: For the inverter controller and battery we have 1 year warranty. For the solar panel we have 10 years warranty. If any problems on our side occured during warranty time we will be responsible for that.

Q5: What's your products lifespan?

A5: Usually for inverter and battery lifespan is 5 years. for solar panels over 20 years However  if you keep good maintenance for them It will be longer and longer.

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