2017 Hot selling 10W mono solar panel

Rated Maximum Power at STC
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V)
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp/V)
Short Circuit Current(Isc/A)
Maximum Power Current(Imp/A)
Module Efficiency(%)
Power Tolerance
Maximum system voltage
1000V DC


PV Glass

> Low iron coated glass
> Transmittance over 95%
> Anti-aging acid resistant anti-fog abrasion resistant
> Advanced glass and surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environments

PV Cell

> Highest PV cells on the market
> Blue anti-reflecting coating allows more sunlight be captured & converted to electricity
> Finer closer fingers improves charge collections for improved energy yield
> Lower light-induced degradation leads to greater power output over the entire module lifetime

Module frame

> Anodized aluminum frame
> Thicker aluminum and high quality
> Accurate measure cutting and long service life


PV Junction Box

> Anti-UV
> High current carrying capacity
> Equipped with several diodes for safety
> Heat dissipation & long lifespan
> IP65 protection


(1). 25 years limited warranty of 80% power output.
(2). 10 years limited warranty of 90% power output.
(3). 10 years warranty of the products.

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