Factory Price PWM 10A/15A/20A Solar Charge Controller with LCD display

  1.Vivid LCD graphic symbols
  2.Intelligent PWM charging mode
  3.Simple button operation
  4.Settable Operating mode of Load
  5.Automatic Identification of System Voltage level
  6.Battery Low-voltage protection
  7.Adjustable control parameters
  8.Over-current protection
  9.Battery reverse-discharge protection
  10.Battery reverse-connected protection
  11.USB(5V/1A) Power Output(optional)

1. Why devices are connected but the controller display no display ?

Make sure the battery connection cable polarity is correct make sure the battery connection cable polarity is pressed make sure the battery circuit switch is closed and finally check the battery voltage to see if the battery has power


2. The system is connected to the solar panel but there is no charge current or no charge?

Make sure the solar panel is connected properly check whether the controller is in overload protection short circuit protection check the voltage and current of the solar panels to see if solar panel is functioned


3. Do you have a catalogue? Can you send me the catalogue to have a check of all your products?

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We do not have a price list of all of our products. Because we have so many items and it is impossible to mark all of their price on a list. And the price are always changing because of the producing cost. If you want to check any price of our products please feel free to contact us. We will send offer to you soon!

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