Divine New Energy (Yangzhou) Company Opened in Baoying

Divinergy, the leading company that develops portable solar lights and solar system solutions has opened its second subsidiary company (Divine New Energy Yangzhou) in Xiao Guanzhuang town, Baoying county on Oct 23, 2017. The company is expanding its presence in Yangzhou to remain at the forefront of market demands and strengthen business relationships in the region. The new branch will provide a home base for Baoying local customers.

Executives and government officials participate in the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony was attended by local partners, customers, and Divinergy executives and local officials. Liu Zhenglin, managing director of Divinergy Yangzhou, Davide Zhong (COO of Divinergy), James Yan (CTO of Divinergy), Mr. Sun Zhenghua (Group company president) and Mr. Zhou (Mayor of Xiaoguanzhuang), etc.
“National solar incentive policy is encouraging people to develop the solar power, and provide a great opportunity for farmers to reduce the poverty. The establishment of Divinergy Yangzhou will benefit the local people from the advanced solar technology. “said Mayor Zhou.
"The establishment of new company in Yangzhou further advances our mission to deliver individualized client services,” said David Zhong, COO of Divinergy. “We see strong potential for development in Baoying region and confident this expansion will enable us to better service local customers.”
"We are excited to enhance our footprint and will continue to carry out our mission to improve the lives of those in need through our affordable solar solutions.” Added Zhong..
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