Divinergy Attended the Co-Hosted China Trade Fair in UAE and Iran

Divinergy Attended the Co-Hosted China Trade Fair in UAE and Iran
The co-hosted China trade fair including the 8th UAE China Fair and the 1st Iran China Fair had been opened from Dec 12 to Dec 16 2017, which was the largest China trade show locally. Invited by Suzhou Council for the promotion of international trade, Divinergy attended the exhibition as the leading solar expert delegate.


Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition
The co-hosted exhibition was held to execute and strengthen the country cooperation under“OBOR” initiative. UAE and Iran locates in the central area in Middle East with large market opportunities and impressive influence. Attending the exhibition is an important way to enter into the Middle Ease market. Divinergy is keeping its pace to develop the middle east and African market,and hope to cooperate with local distributors to expand business.

Clients visited at the Booth of Divinergy
Committed to the craftsmanship spirit, Divinergy brought the class-of-art solar products to the market. Clients showed great interests and approval on Divinergy’s product, requiring to know more information including product performance and parameters.

Daniel Liu, CEO of Divinergy mentioned:” We are committed to building a world class enterprise with 100 years, and will deliver the highest level of quality, good-design products , increase the profitability and fulfil the corporate responsibilities.” During the exhibition, Divinergy showcased the renewable energy technologies and various solar applications including solar portable light, solar pump, solar street light and energy management system. Among which, the solar cleaning robot was extreme impressive. The robot would reduce the O&M costs for keeping solar panels clean and fully functioning.


Conversed with Clients about the Cooperation Intention
During the co-hosted exhibition, Divinergy conversed with government officials and enterprise partners, set up a preliminary cooperation intention to develop and expand the solar market locally.
Liu said:” Middle East market is the key area of our integral strategy layout. Divinergy Dubai Company has been founded in 2016. And we provide customized proposal and service to meet the customer needs in the new energy sector”. With the growing global market expanding effort, Divinergy’brand awareness and good reputation is enhanced, and make impressive influence throughout the whole Middle East area.
In the future, Divinergy will strive to create a win-win cooperation with more country partners and to improve peoples’s life through the affordable, renewable energy.
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