DIVINERGY listed at Suzhou Equity Exchange

Divine New Energy (Divinergy, stock code 900356) was listed at Suzhou Equity Exchange (SEE) on September 26th 2017, representing its entering into a higher level capital market with more challenges and opportunities
 Ring the Closing Bell at SEE
Mr. Daniel Liu (The founder& CEO of Divinergy), Mr. James Yan (Cofounder& CTO), Mr. David Zhong (Cofounder& COO), and Mr. Ximing Li (CFO) attended the ceremony, and together rang the SEE market Closing Bell.
Mr. Liu stated: “It is the day to be memorized which stands for a new milestone of Divinergy. The successful listing is recognized as the approval of our development by the capital market and government. We are able to step forward into a more diversified financing channel and formal management.”
About 300 companies have successfully been listed in SEE, including 600 investors and 70 organization members. By the end of July, SEE has raised 500million RMB for equity, and 60million for bond. Listed companies including advanced hardware, IT, new energy, new material, etc are the leading experts in each industry segment. Their leaders are taking the advantage of its own technology and SEE resources for business development, and will able to set up a new business transformation and improvement in local Suzhou city.
“Multi-level capital market system is appropriately linked with the national strategy for capital markets development. It is the time to take the opportunity to be listed at SEE. We are able to expand the financing channel and business platform. Corporate branding will also be benefit from the exposure in the capital market which will help us to increase the brand awareness and reputation. “Added by Daniel Liu.

Three co-founders of DIVINERGY
Divinergy’s headquarters is based in Suzhou. In order to serve local area activities, Divinergy has opened its branches, subsidiaries, marketing center in Shanghai, Zhangjiagang, Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou. Besides, DIVINERGY takes active role in implementing the OBOR initiative to expand its global presence, and displays its solar tech in the different international expos which receive lots of coverage from the international media. To further expand its reach within the Gulf States and North America, Divinergy has set up the branch office in Dubai - Man Energy LLC and a strategic partnership with Blue Origin Solar in the U.S. More branches in Germany, Hong Kong and Africa are under plan.
Liu added: “The professional listing counselling will improve the corporate governance and the operation. The multi-level capital docking system will coordinate the equity and bond financing, and enhance the industry integration capacity. We are deeply committed to the craftsmanship spirit and productivity enhancement in the solar industry, and aim to build a famous new energy Chinese enterprise.”
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